Stars and Moon

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Numbered, limited-edition reversible gown in Italian silk.

Reversible A-side

Against the backdrop of an inky gradient, the whole galaxy shines through brightly in this reversible COMMON HOURS silk robe. It features a print meticulously designed in-house, with each starry motif carefully positioned to highlight the wearer's body. Sleeves and lapel hold a personal note: lyrics from Mark Knopfler's 'Romeo and Juliet' (most famously performed by Dire Straits) hand-embroidered in tonal thread.

Reversible B-side

Flip the starry side to reveal a reverse gradient in shades of ink, midnight blue and black, adorned in tonal and metallic thread with hand-embroidered moons, space discovery motifs, astrology symbols, lone stars and constellations. Whimsical messages are doodled in inky embroidery, Italian words describing shooting stars and man's ability to dream.


100% Italian silk


Artwork and small motifs designed in-house and feature selected lyrics from 'Romeo and Juliet' by Mark Knopfler (most famously performed by Dire Straits). Lyrics used under licence.

"Romeo and Juliet"
Written by Mark Knopfler
© Straitjacket Songs Ltd / Universal Music Publishing Pty Ltd.
All rights reserved. International copyright secured.
Reprinted with permission.


Made in Australia
Hand-embroidered by Chanakya artisans in India

Fully reversible
Midnight and black with silver accents
Fully reversible
Two side pockets
Brand logo embroidered on collar
Edition number hand-embroidered on centre front
Detailed hand-embroidery throughout
Designed to be worn loose, or closed and cinched and belted
One size fits most
Specialist dry clean only

Our fabrics

Crafted from decadent double silk satin sourced from a Como-based fabric and print specialist, who have realised iconic prints for several luxury houses.

Limited-edition, luxury garments designed for the common hours.