Stars and Moon

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Silk box sleeve reversible gown
Limited edition of 50 pieces worldwide


Ink, midnight and black
Crafted from double silk satin
Milled and printed in Italy
Hand-embroidered in India

Box sleeve reversible gown featuring a meticulously custom-designed galaxy print on one side, as well as select lyrics from Mark Knopfler’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ (most famously performed by Dire Straits) hand-embroidered in tonal thread.

The reversible side features a rich gradient of ink, midnight and black. Tonal and metallic thread hand-embroidered motifs designed in-house (stars, moons, space discovery motifs, astrology symbols, lone stars and constellations). Personal messages are doodled in inky embroidery, Italian words describing shooting stars and man’s ability to dream.

Fully reversible. Detailed hand-embroidery throughout by Chanakya artisans in India. Extended underarm cut-outs. Two side pockets inserted on the seams. Brand logo hand-embroidered on collar. Edition number hand-embroidered on centre front, near the hem. Designed to be worn loose, or cinched and belted.

  • Licensing

    Lyrics used under licence.
    License details as follows:

    "Romeo and Juliet"
    Written by Mark Knopfler
    © Straitjacket Songs Ltd / Universal Music Publishing Pty Ltd.
    All rights reserved. International copyright secured.
    Reprinted with permission.

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100% Italian silk