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A message from our Founder

"Due to the current global environment, we will be revising the launch date for COMMON HOURS and have decided to reschedule our launch and ensuing collections under better circumstances.

We look forward to sharing the creativity and collaboration of our talented COMMON HOURS team, as well as the artisans and suppliers from around the world who have worked on, and contributed to the brand so far.

In the meantime, we join every other business in this environment of extreme uncertainty in not knowing what the next weeks and months may bring. Still, knowing that as a global community, we will recover.

Personally, I can say how moved and encouraged I am about the genuine concern we all share as we continue to work with our international suppliers. Where once we had only conversations centred on commerce, we are now listening and connecting with discussions of each other's experiences. People in faraway companies are working together to find solutions to supply chains and various alternate ways of communicating and doing business.

It is my dearest wish that this sense of global citizenship continues and we all come out on the other side of this with greater empathy, and a stronger sense of global community.

Stay safe, stay home and take care of each other."


Common Hours aims to present simple garments, meticulously crafted using the most luxurious and unique fabrications. Limited-edition pieces will be made available for pre-order a few at a time, small capsules of thoughtful and thought-provoking pieces released in a seasonless pattern, only when they are ready.

With a focus on art, travel and craftsmanship, the brand evokes romance, power and sensibility, mixing elements of femininity and strength for a highly personal result. The brand recalls the hedonistic spirit of decades past, proposing luxury through details that are not for everyone to see. Embroidered lyrics or meaningful motifs and decorations feature on the inside of garments, or in heightened sensory placements such as the wrist or the back of the neck - offering the result as a blank canvas for interpretation. Imbued by a sense of time and memory, the pieces take a cue from the ordinary and the extraordinary; designed for the common hours.

As seen in

Beauty in the common hours

The Common Hours garment of choice - the robe - is imagined as a blank canvas, an exploration of the founder’s interests and passions. Literature, music and the figurative arts are collected and embroidered onto pieces as one would amass meanings, tattoos and talismans over time. Private and thematic ideas around each robe evolve around memories and the collective consciousness - feelings of love, anger or sudden bouts of inspiration. Inspired by a spirit of rebellion and hedonism yet wrapped in a timeless exterior, the pieces appeal to a confident, rule-defying individual.

The nature of the garments speaks to the idea of private rituals. The concept of the common hours becomes a symbol for moments of contemplation, self-care and unwinding, but also of rebellious debauchery - beckoning the good times.

Common Hours is for the individual who prefers collectable pieces, someone with restrained confidence, bold enough to embrace a style of their own. They are for those who seek quality and search for something more personal. It may be an image, phrase or poetry that means something to them, a hidden meaning resonating to the wearer of the garment; maybe it's a wonderful memory, perhaps a quiet dissent or protest, but all within a classic and beautiful garment.

Above and below:
The limited-edition 'Music and Dance' reversible box-sleeve robe, illustrated with 

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