Welcome to the world of COMMON HOURS, a collection of thoughts, talismans and ideas interpreted through a blank canvas of clothing. Capturing a mood board for a moment in time, COMMON HOURS distils personal timestamps of memory, intimate feelings and private resolve into a provocative series of versatile gowns, robes and slip dresses, as well as accompanying pieces meant to highlight and complement the core offering. In its unique twist of the luxury and the sublime, COMMON HOURS collaborates with, and licenses from, artists, authors and musicians to bring the brand ethos to life; artworks, lyrics and prose feature in the garments, finding beauty in the unusual and the unexpected. Each piece is created with meticulous attention to detail, a celebration of fabric, artwork and artisanship resulting in considered, limited-edition pieces of the highest quality, each taking countless hours to create.

A project defined by the pillars of quality and time, as well as a sense of provocation and mischief, COMMON HOURS sees layers of significance distilled in each garment, carefully assembled by the signatory, Amber Symond, and created in limited edition runs of 20-50. Each piece is a thematic exploration, summoning the wearer to adorn themselves in art, poetry or prose.


The luxury is in the materials, the artistic element, but also tellingly, in the biggest luxury of all: time.

The details

Recalling the hedonistic spirit of decades past, COMMON HOURS proposes luxury through details which are not for everyone to see. Each piece offers a blank slate, ready for interpretation - imbued by a sense of memory, the designs take cues from the ordinary and the extraordinary; designed for the common hours.

Our fabrics

COMMON HOURS evokes romance, power and sensibility, mixing beauty and strength for a highly personal result. French lurex and mesh, Italian silks, hefty organic cotton and diaphanous organzas form a base on which to bring the brand philosophy to life.


Central to the brand proposition is the collaboration with artists and artisans, propelling the garments to different heights and exposing both the brand and its clients with diverse points of view.


A transparent endeavour from beginning to end, from the origin of materials to acknowledging contributing artisans, lies at the heart of COMMON HOURS. No finished product is complete without great respect to the artisans (designers, printers, embroiderers, fabric houses) who come together to form each final piece. 

Our Ethos

With quiet dissent and restrained confidence, COMMON HOURS refuses conformity. Sometimes provocative, always progressive, and often leaning into the underground, COMMON HOURS is foremost a pursuit of excellence.

Seeking extraordinary and unique compositions, we propose a future of limitless inspiration and collaboration, layering details for the wearer in art, music, poetry and prose to imbue upon recognisable designs.

Limited-edition, luxury garments designed for the common hours.