COMMON HOURS is a collection of thoughts, memories and personal feelings interpreted through the blank canvas of clothing. A sense of resolve is distilled into provocative, meticulously crafted garments, offering an unique twist on luxury and the sublime.

COMMON HOURS further collaborates with and secures copyrights from artists, authors and musicians to bring the profoundly personal brand ethos to life. Each piece features limitless attention to detail, a celebration of fabric, artwork and artisanship, resulting in considered, limited-edition garments of the highest quality, each taking countless hours to create.

A project defined by the pillars of quality and time, as well as a sense of provocation and mischief, CH sees layers of significance explored in their garments, created in limited edition runs of 1-50. Each collection, released twice a year, includes thematic exploration, summoning the wearer to adorn themselves in art, poetry or prose or inviting them to keep something hidden — a personal touch.