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COMMON HOURS presents simple, meticulously crafted garments using the most luxurious and unique fabrications. Recalling the hedonistic spirit of decades past, COMMON HOURS proposes luxury through details that are often not for everyone to see. Embroidery on garments in heightened sensory places such as the wrist or the back of neck offer each piece as a blank slate, ready for interpretation – sometimes with meaningful, tattoo-like motifs, others with lyrics, poetry or prose. Imbued by a sense of time and memory, each design takes a cue from the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Our garments of choice - robes and slip dresses, in their many iterations, act as blank canvases for exploration: literature, music and the figurative arts are collected and embroidered onto pieces as one would amass meanings, tattoos and talismans over time. Private and thematic ideas evolve around collective memories - feelings of love, anger or bouts of inspiration, being moved by a particular gesture, artwork or emotion. 

Channelling a spirit of rebellion and hedonism yet wrapped in a timeless exterior, the pieces appeal to a confident, rule-defying individual who feels as comfortable wearing a robe to an event as they would an evening gown. The nature of the garments also speaks to the idea of private rituals, lending themselves for moments of quiet contemplation, self-care and unwinding: a meditative glass of whiskey in the bath, the ceremony of tea in the silence and darkness before daybreak. To be transcended through a great novel, uplifted and transformed by music - such is the beauty of the common hours.

Inspired by the interconnectedness within the commonality and the mood-altering nature of music, words and art, COMMON HOURS evokes romance, power and sensibility, mixing elements of femininity and strength for a highly personal result. Hero fabrications such as French and Italian silks, natural and sustainably-sourced organic canvases, semi-sheer translucent materials and fabrics of exceptional softness and feel, paired with a desire to record feelings through imagery, words and moments in time, became a tangible canvas; summoning the wearer to find themselves in the arts, lyrics, and prose, offering a unique personality to adorn oneself with. Beginning with a classic box-sleeved robe, Common Hours will continue to offer subtle variations on its garments of choice, further underlining the message of wearable, universal shapes made from outstanding compositions. Each piece is limited-edition so that items can remain rare and covetable, protecting both brand authenticity and exclusively for our customer.

A transparent endeavour from beginning to end, from the origin of materials to acknowledging contributing artisans, lies at the heart of COMMON HOURS, allowing each purchaser a new standard in the benchmark of disclosure. Championing integrity as the key to hold oneself against, no finished product is complete without ample respect to the artisans (designers, printers, embroiderers, fabric houses) who come together to form each final piece. 

The luxury is in the materials, the artistic element, but also tellingly, in the biggest luxury of all: time. This transpires on the ‘inside and out’, intricate and meticulous quality of the detailing - embroidery motifs which may appear only inside to be seen by the wearer alone, while other styles are fully reversible. In its unique twist on luxury and the sublime, COMMON HOURS collaborates with and licenses from artists, authors and musicians to bring the CH vision to life. The outcome is very personal; every piece holds special meaning, from the fabric and artists’ selection to the embellishments created in house.

With quiet dissent and restrained confidence, COMMON HOURS refuses conformity. Sometimes provocative, always progressive and often leaning into the underground, CH is foremost a pursuit in excellence. Seeking extraordinary and unique compositions, the brand proposes a future of limitless inspiration and collaboration, layering details for the wearer in art, music, poetry and prose to imbue upon recognisable designs. COMMON HOURS envisages a season-less timetable for their craftsmen to complete with integrity (collections are released only when they are ready). It is a timeless proposition for a thoughtful collector of quality garments who seek out the rare and the covetable, always holding something back - just for their personal, deliciously private contemplation.