In its unique twist of the luxury and the sublime, COMMON HOURS collaborates with, and licenses from, artists, authors and musicians to bring the brand ethos to life; artworks, lyrics and prose feature in the garments, finding beauty in the unusual and the unexpected. Each piece is created with meticulous attention to detail, a celebration of fabric, artwork and artisanship resulting in considered, limited-edition pieces of the highest quality, each taking countless hours to create.

A transparent endeavour from beginning to end, from the origin of materials to acknowledging contributing artisans, lies at the heart of COMMON HOURS. No finished product is complete without great respect to the artisans (designers, printers, embroiderers, fabric houses) who come together to form each final piece.

The first Australian brand to do so, COMMON HOURS has also partnered with embroidery house Chanakya. The company have imparted its unique blend of tradition, know-how and modernity into the making of each COMMON HOURS garment, employing a level of craftsmanship usually reserved for haute couture and global fashion houses.

The Basket

Artist Robyn Mayo's 'Gardenia with Aboriginal Basket' is intricately mirrored to an almost psychedelic effect in 'The Basket' coat dress, one of the hero pieces of our second collection.

A cacophony of hand-embroidery in dissonant techniques from fine metallic thread to thick cotton knots, as well as dense macrame tassels cascading down the hem perfectly showcase the crafstmanship of the Chanakya artisans that worked on this piece.

Custom cufflinks

Securing the straps of 'The Lurex Slip' dress from Collection II you will find tiny removable insect cufflinks, finished in plated yellow gold and colour-matched gradient powder coated bodies.

A final element of surprise and delight, the cufflinks can be worn to adjust the strap lenght or taken from the dress to add a touch of CH to an everyday shirt.

Making of

Licensed song lyrics repeat over and over again in this semi-sheer, French silk cotton dress, currently in development for our third collection. More than eight days of labour were required to hand-write the lyrics directly on to the pattern pieces, so that the writing perfectly envelops the body and gently curves along the extravagant hem circumference.

The Mosquito Underwear

Crafted from semi-sheer stretch mesh milled and embroidered in Paris, this matching underwear set features a plethora of hidden details which, true to the brand ethos, are a badge of dissent and provocation meanto only for the wearer - and a select few - to see. The embroidery features hand-drawn mosquitoes and tiny decorative blood drops - a mosquito bite mark - in red or blue, for those more royally inclined.

Recurring COMMON HOURS brand motifs include the signatory, CH, and 1971, a year of personal significance from the brand's founder. The bra top is complete with ruched straps, colour-matched garter claps and satin ribbon detailing. A tiny insect leg, plated in gold, scures the bra together at the centre back - a final hidden detail.

Colour images: The craftsmanship of Chanakya artisans, who have embroidered several of our pieces by hand, showcased in 'The Basket' coat dress from Collection II.

Black and white image: a still from our Collection II campaign, featuring 'The Mosquito Set', crafted from fine mesh and embroidered in Paris.

Limited-edition, luxury garments designed for the common hours.