COMMON HOURS partners with the most prestigious fabric mills, and the most notable artisans and specialists the world over, working with rare, interesting and high-quality materials that are ethically sourced and produced. For our first season, we have worked with heritage houses Maison Hurel, Saiei Orimono in Japan and Bonaudo in Italy, amongst others, to supply some of its key fabrications - the finest French silk, the softest Italian leather, and the word’s thinnest silk, translucent ‘Fairy Feather’. For our second offering, COMMON HOURS has continued to work with Maison Hurel, as well as Maison Bucol, an illustrious fabric mill established in the 19th Century in France and owned by the Hermès Group. COMMON HOURS has also partnered with a prestigious printing mill in Como, Italy, who have realised realised iconic prints for Dries Van Noten, Versace and Alexander McQueen.

Japanese 'Fairy Feather'

The most diaphanous fabric offers endless possibilities; extravagantly sheer and delicate in nature, our Japanese 'Fairy Feather' is the world's finest and lightest silk, sourced from Saiei Orimono. A special piece for the common hours.

Liquid Lurex

Decadent lurex from Maison Bucol is used extensively in our second collection. Copious amounts of fabric luxuriously drape around the body, cocooning the wearer in liquid metal. Maison Bucol is an illustrious European fabric mill, established in 19th Century France and owned by the Hermès Group.

Printed Mesh

Fine mesh sourced from Como, Italy, is exquisitely printed with intricate levels of detail. Flora and wovens motifs combine with minuscule writing, which at first resembles a colony of tiny ants crawling amongst gardenia branches.

Luxurious Italian silk from Como is used in our 'Crimson and Claret' gown, featuring a rich gradient and peony petals.

The work of fine taxidermy artists Darwin. Sinke & van Tongeren featured in our collaboration gown, 'Darwin and Unknown'.

Italian silk and fine hand-embroidery by Chanakya artisans in India merge in our 'Darwin and Unknown' robe.

Limited-edition, luxury garments designed for the common hours.