Crimson and Claret

Numbered limited-edition: 1 / 20

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Reversible A-side

A riot of peonies shines in full bloom on the A-SIDE of the COMMON HOURS 'Crimson and Claret' reversible silk robe. This cacophony of flowers, featuring a photographic print by Derek Henderson, has been meticulously engineered to perfectly wrap around the wearer's body. It appears fragile and conventionally beautiful at first - yet amongst the subtle stitching within its petals, it hides embroidered messages of protest.

Reversible B-side

Reverse to the B-side for a gradient in shades of peach, blush and shocking pink, the perfect hiding place for a flash of dissent; personal talismans of a progressive punk spirit, scrawled lotus flowers, vicious Venus flytraps, and crossed-out words reveal a sense of debauchery. 'Heartbreakingly cool''Protest' and 'Let's Go' are hand-embroidered in tonal thread, small touches meant for the wearer only. Similarly, 'Music''Dance' and 'Love' are almost imperceptible on the lower hem - always 'Steadfast With Resolve'.


  • Fully reversible
  • 100% French silk, sourced from Maison Hurel (editions 1 to 10)
  • Peach, pink and red
  • Two side pockets inserted on the seams
  • Brand logo hand-embroidered on collar
  • Edition number hand-embroidered on centre front, near the hem
  • Detailed hand-embroidery throughout by Chanakya artisans in India
  • Designed to be worn loose, or cinched at the waist with the matching belt
  • One size fits most
  • Specialist dry clean only
  • Shipped in collectible hand-made storage boxes

Illustrated with

Motifs designed in-house and artwork by photographer Derek Henderson. Licence details as follows:

Photographic artwork by Derek Henderson.
Used under licence.

How to tie your robe

The garment features a matching belt, as well as a multitude of ties which can be worn inside or out. These are designed to secure the garment in place and provide multiple ways to adjust and customise the fit. You can hide the ties by feeding them through the invisible eyelets placed discreetly along the side seams.


100% European silk. 
Hand-embroidered by Chanakya artisans in India.
Additional artwork custom-designed by the COMMON HOURS.

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An explosion of colour

Crimson and Claret was crafted from the
finest European silk, hand-embroidered with
motifs designed in-house and printed with
artwork by leading Australian photographer
Derek Henderson.