Darwin and Unknown

Numbered limited-edition: 1 / 50
Produced in series of 10 at a time 


  • Reversible: A-side
  • Reversible: B-side
  • Details
  • A fanciful flight of feathers, this reversible COMMON HOURS robe was created in collaboration with Dutch artists Darwin. Sinke & Van Tongeren, flamboyant taxidermists who, as well as working along with museums, ethically acquire deceased animals, exploring the beauty, value and emotion of natural history. In a juxtaposition of the beautiful and the macabre, the A-side features a fresh palate cleanser of white, where a macaw takes up centre stage; its tail feather disappears up and behind the neck of the robe, to re-appear magnified on the B-side. Delicate hand-embroidery highlights the bird's face, while a quote by Charles Darwin is hidden in the hemline, almost if written in invisible ink - for your eyes only. Please click the B-SIDE tab above for a description of the reverse of this robe.

  • The B-side sees feathers shine in iridescent colours, extravagantly blown-up to magnificent proportions. Embroidery in silver gunmetal tread with artworks, phrases and words inspired by Charles Darwin tell stories of the spirit of discovery and the origins of the species.

  • Fully reversible. 100% European silk. White and iridescent colours (peacock blue, green, purple and red). Two side pockets inserted on the seams. Brand logo hand-embroidered on collar. Edition number hand-embroidered on centre front, near the hem. Detailed hand-embroidery throughout by Chanakya artisans in India. Designed to be worn loose, or cinched at the waist with the matching belt. One size fits most. Specialist dry clean only. Shipped in handmade collectible boxes.

  • Illustrated with
  • How to tie your robe
  • Motifs designed in-house and artwork by Dutch taxidermy artists Darwin. Sinke & Van Tongeren. Licence details as follows:

    Photographic artwork by Darwin. Sinke & Van Tongeren.

  • The garment features a matching belt, as well as a multitude of ties which can be worn inside or out. These are designed to secure the garment in place and provide multiple ways to adjust and customise the fit. You can hide the ties by feeding them through the invisible eyelets placed discreetly along the side seams.

Our fabrics Learn more about the materials we use

Simple designs in extraordinary fabrics is one of the pillars of COMMON HOURS. French and Italian silks sourced from the most notable suppliers, Italian leathers and transparent Japanese 'Fairy-Feather' (the world's thinnest silk) form a base for extraordinary collaboration with multiple artisans to bring our philosophy to life. A transparent endeavour from beginning to end, from the origin of materials to acknowledging contributing artisans, lies at the heart of COMMON HOURS, allowing each purchaser a new standard in the benchmark of disclosure. Championing integrity as the key to hold oneself against, no finished product is complete without ample respect to the artisans (designers, printers, embroiderers, fabric houses) who come together to form each final piece. For our first collection, we have worked with heritage houses Maison Hurel and Maison Bucol in France, Saiei Orimono in Japan and Bonaudo in Italy, amongst others, to supply some of our key fabrications.

Hand-embroidery Learn more about our partner Chanakya

The first Australian brand to do so, COMMON HOURS has partnered with embroidery house Chanakya. They have imparted their unique blend of tradition, know-how and modernity into the making of each one of our garments, employing a level of craftsmanship usually reserved for haute couture and global fashion houses. Known for creating the extraordinary, Chanakya is inspired by timelessness and rarity. Their journey to showcase the age-old heritage of hand embroidery began in India in 1986. There, generations of art aficionados, preservers and advocates of this craftsmanship have worked toward a singular aim: to ensure that the magic of artisans lives forever. Harmonious blending tradition and modernity, Chanakya has been honed with the experience of Made-in-Italy know-how, as well as rapt attention to perfection and quality, artistic sensibilities and craftsmanship.The current generation of this family-run enterprise has been brought up among the arts and has trained and worked extensively in Italy with Europe’s leading fashion houses. Read more about Chanakya's School of Embroidery, and their efforts to empower young women and conserve craft here

The details Not for everyone to see

Recalling the hedonistic spirit of decades past, COMMON HOURS proposes luxury through details that are often not for everyone to see. Embroidery in heightened sensory places such as the wrist or the back of neck offer each piece as a blank slate, ready for interpretation – sometimes with meaningful, tattoo-like motifs, others with lyrics, poetry or prose. Imbued by a sense of time and memory, each design takes a cue from the ordinary and the extraordinary; designed for the common hours.

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An explosion of colour

Crimson and Claret was crafted from the
finest European silk, hand-embroidered with
motifs designed in-house and printed with
artwork by leading Australian photographer
Derek Henderson.